This is one of the two main clans.

Leader:Silverstar-gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, (RP'd by Stormver)

Deputy: Mudsky - Brown tom with white paws and green eyes. (Flamestar22)

Medicine Cat:Sunbright - golden she-cat with blueish eyes (RP'd by Racer)


Gorsetail-tom with a currently unknown description(RP'd by Stormver)

Monarchflight - pale torbie she-cat with blue eyes (Silverwhisker)

Pouncefur-brown tom with deep yellow eyes

Jaystorm - dark gray tabby tom with blue eyes. RP'D By: Whiskers



Goldenpaw - Sleek ginger she-cat. (Flamestar22, Mentor: Mudsky)

Shadepaw - Black tom. (Flamestar22, Mentor: Pouncefur)

Queens:Stormwillow - silver tabby shecat with dark blue eyes and brown paws, mother to Gorsetail's kits; all are unborn(RP'd by Stormver)



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